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La Farge Free Methodist Church
Photo Gallery: 2010 3rd Annual Hot Rod Sunday
2010 3rd Annual Hot Rod Sunday
They just kept coming!
2010 HRS
Viewed 2009 times
Shawn "Elvis" Sharp during the worship service
2010 HRS
Viewed 1875 times
Tom's classic truck
2010 HRS
Viewed 1857 times
Donnie & Chris Strait rolling into the show

2010 HRS

Viewed 1840 times
Rev Mark's Ride
2010 HRS
Viewed 1802 times
Bob & Faith came a long way!
2010 HRS
Viewed 1797 times
Tony Wood's Special Ride
2010 HRS
Viewed 1997 times
Classic Ride
2010 HRS
Viewed 1782 times
Ron Conley's New Ride
Art On Wheels!
Viewed 1873 times
Rick Boldon's Heavy Chevy
True Blue
Viewed 2104 times
Ed Walsh Mustang
Too Fast To Drive!
Viewed 1898 times
Tom Moore's classic

Red Hot Mustang

Viewed 1725 times
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